Pack polymer products

Designing, producing and printing all kinds of polyethylene and polypropylene products and all kinds of packaging and flexible films

Plastic Bag

Design, production and printing of bags with stiletto handles, banana handles, reinforced handles, baskets, etc., with a Variety of (LDPE) , ( HDPE) , (MDPE) raw materials.

Stretch film

Production of Polyethylene Stretch film from 5 to 200 cm wide, 10 to 50 microns thick, weighing 1 to 50 kg.

Greenhouse and agriculture wide nylon

Production of single-layer to five-layer wide nylon for greenhouse and agriculture up to a maximum width of 20 meters and a thickness of 400 microns with all kinds of required additives

Shrink film, wrap ، sleeve

Production and printing of Shrink film ( PE-LDPE + LLDPE) up to 12 meters wide and Shrink Sleeve ( PVC, POF, PET ) from 5 cm to 220 cm in all types of films and labels (sheaths)

Garbage bag and freezer

Manufacturer of all kinds of freezer and garbage bags in rolls, bulk, industrial, hospital, handles, straps, etc. with your customized thickness and weight.

Polymer film magazine

Latest news, scientific content, production process, flexible polymer industry buying guide